My Story

Hello, I am Lisa the artist behind Cecil & Co., following my bliss and true passion of sculpting. I adore creating one of a kind hand sculpted art dolls and sharing my process and tips for those that love the art of doll making. I also enjoy creating digital artwork and love the hunt for vintage treasures that I gather to give new life to. Cecil and Co. was created to bring to life the visions dancing in my head and combine my passion for sculpting with my love of textiles and vintage finds. I have been creating for as long as I can remember and can not imagine my life without truly sets you free! I am a proud member of the Professional Doll Makers Art Guild, mentoring and teaching others the process of sculpting. 

Everyone asks me..."Where did the name come from?"

As a young child my favorite show to watch was Beany and Cecil, the puppet show. I know, I am showing my age hehe! Hence my Dad nicknamed me Cecil. Well, It stuck and yes, he still calls me that today. So when it came time to name my business, it just seemed natural. Cecil and Co was born...Cecil for me and company for my hubby helping behind the scenes with shipping, etc. I thought my dad would get a kick out of that.